single live boston lobster with water splash
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cooked boston lobster in red shell
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Live Boston Lobster

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Boston Lobster is a popular seafood dish commonly served boiled or steamed. It has a bright red shell and snow-white meat when cooked. An extremely versatile lobster, it can be served in many dishes; lobster noodles, lobster mac n cheese, lobster bisque, and more! Highly favoured for its tender and juicy claw meat, it has a sweet and succulent pronounced flavour.

Origin: USA / Canada
Net Weight: 
• Standard Boston Lobster 500-600g
• Jumbo Boston Lobster 700-800g

Also available in: Live Boston Lobster (Bundle of 2)

Ways to Cook Live Boston Lobster
- Steam/boil lobster whole, grill/bake with cheese

*Best served with old bay seasoning

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