dungeness crab with water splash
dungeness crab on hand
whole dungeness crab cooked
taucheo dungeness crab dish
dungeness crab bee hoon soup
dungeness crab seafood boil

Live Dungeness Crab

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Dungeness Crabs, also known as Cancer Magister, are found in Pacific waters ranging from Alaska all the way down to Monterey Bay in California. Dungeness Crabs shells are softer compared to other crabs and the claws are packed with tender flesh. It is known for their wonderful texture, buttery flavour, and sweet flesh. 

Origin: USA / Canada
Net Weight: 900g-1kg each

Ways to cook Live Dungeness Crab
- Steamed, grilled, or drenched in your favourite sauces!
- Pair with old bay seasoning

Also available in: Live Dungeness Crab (Bundle of 2)

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