Getting To Know A Dungeness Crab – How Does It Stand Apart?

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The undisputed king of the West Coast.

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Global Live Seafood delivers premium grade Dungeness crabs live to your doorstep. But do you know what they are?  

Cancer magister, also known as Dungeness crab, are found in Pacific waters ranging from Alaska all the way down to Monterey Bay in California. One of the most common crabs in the Western Pacific, Dungeness crabs get their name from a quaint fishing village in Washington state where the first commercial fishing was done for the species. Today, Dungeness crabs are known around the world for their wonderful texture, buttery flavour, and sweet flesh.

Measuring up to 25 centimetres across, the hefty Dungeness crab weigh about 1.4 kilograms at 4 to 5 years of age. Their broad, round body is covered by a smooth, fan-shaped shell which they must periodically moult to grow. Found in murky saltwater and eelgrass beds at depths of 90 to 180 metres, Dungeness crabs typically favour the sandy, muddy ocean floor.

With a cleaner diet than most species, Dungeness crabs are omnivorous bottom feeders that forage along the sea floor for worms, shrimp, small molluscs, clams, and crustaceans. Their natural predators include other crab species, fishes, seals, octopus, and sea otters. 

More Meat Per Crab!

Dungeness crabs are prized for their sweet, tender, and delicate meat. At its freshest, they are considerably sweeter than anything from the bottom of the sea should imaginably be. Given their cleaner diets, they do not possess much of a fishy taste.

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What really sets the Dungeness apart though, is that you get more meat per crab! And not just because of their hefty size. One of the meatier crabs available, the Dungeness’ meat-to-shell ratio is approximately 25% of the crab's weight, which may not sound like a lot, but is in the crab world! Its claws are arguably the most delectable part as it contains the largest portion of meat and is the easiest to crack. Their legs, which separate easily from its shell contains beautiful morsels of flesh with an underlying sweetness and hint of saltiness.

It Goes Well With Everything

Steamed and locally dressed with Old Bay seasoning or garlic butter, Dungeness crabs are delectable and easy to prepare. Serve them chilled, as a delicious appetiser or toss them in salads, pastas, and bisques.

cooked dungeness crab beehoon soup

Recreate your favourite Singapore crab dish and drench them in chilli crab, black pepper, or salted egg sauce. Or you can always do it the Cajun way and cook up your own seafood boil! There are so many ways you can cook a Dungeness crab!

Get Them Live with Global Live Seafood

One of the golden rules in buying and cooking crabs is to never buy a dead, raw crab. When a crab dies, its stomach quickly begins to release enzymes and bacteria used in the digestive process. This speeds up its decomposition as the bacteria enters the meat and begins to break it down. Not only will it ruin the flavour and texture of the meat, it will also become toxic and unhealthy to consume.

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Therefore, it is imperative that crabs are kept alive until just before cooking, to keep the meat as fresh as possible, and free from any toxins. Skip the trip to your local fish market and order them here with Global Live Seafood for a smooth, fuss free experience! We’ll grade and pack the freshest, fleshiest crabs for you, and deliver them in ice packs where they will remain in their prime condition for up to 8 hours.


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