From The Lobstermen's Traps To Your Doorstep: Where Is Your Lobster From?

Boston Lobster Delivery Live Seafood

We assure you, they're definitely live… and they travelled air, land and sea to arrive at your doorstep!

boston lobster on fence

"Are your lobsters really from the U.S or Canada?" Yes, they are! Thanks to our expert handling and express shipping, we can assure you that the lobsters delivered to your place are of the freshest quality and premium grade. To put your mind at ease, here is a detailed breakdown of the long voyage of the lobsters from the bottom of the sea to your kitchen table.

1. Hauling Traps & Collecting the Catch

    Our lobsters are freshly caught by local lobstermen from off the coast of Boston to the region of Nova Scotia.

     2. Lobsters Graded

    Once the lobstermen haul their traps, the lobsters are brought to the wharf where they are sorted and graded by their size, liveliness, and the hardness of their shells. Lobsters that are graded with hard shells have more vitality and have the strength to be shipped to Singapore (and consequently your doorstep) and still maintain its vigour.

    The dealer will then temporarily store the day's catch in crates that will float at the dock before transferring them to their holding pound.

    The freshly caught lobsters are then “seasoned” in cold seawater holding tanks for a few days to acclimatise them to a cool shipping temperature. This reduces the lobster's stress and makes them hardier and ready for shipping.
    live boston lobsters in a basket

    3. Lobsters Packed

    To ensure maximum freshness and quality, lobsters are only packed into coolers on the day they are shipped. Each lobster is hand selected, weighed on digital scales and checked for their vigour.

    live boston lobsters packed in cardboard

     Lobsters are then individually packed in extra thick, insulated coolers with frozen gel-packs and seawater-soaked newspaper or seaweed to ensure their moistness and temperature until they reach their destination. Live lobsters are individually packed so as to avoid any shifting and rough handling that could potentially crack or crush the lobster’s shells.

     4. Lobsters Take Flight

    Our carefully packed lobsters then fly for 40 to 50 hours to Singapore, transiting once at either Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai, or Korea. Given the right conditions of packing, temperature and moisture, live lobsters can handle a 2 to 3 day shipping time.

     5. Lobsters Arrive In Singapore

    Once they arrive in Singapore, our lobsters are picked up and transferred to our saltwater holding facilities where they are acclimatised for another 1 to 2 days in tanks filled with recirculating fresh salt water that is temperature controlled and well aerated.
    live boston lobsters in tank

    6. Lobsters Delivered To Your Doorstep

    To ensure that you'll only receive lobsters of the freshest quality and grade, our crustaceans go through a final quality check before they are packed and delivered to your doorstep in ice packs where they can survive out of water for up to 12 hours.

    4 live boston lobsters in styrofoam box packed with ice gels


    Done right, the lobsters should be delivered live and kicking in perfect condition! Enjoy!

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