live arctic hokkigai surf clam with water splash
bundle of live arctic hokkigai surf clams
two artic surf clam hokkigai sushi
live arctic hokkigai surf clam shell opened showing the meat inside
comparison of a human hand to a live arctic hokkigai surf clam

Arctic Surf Clam (Hokkigai)

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Arctic Surf Clams or Hokkigai, has a mild ocean aroma, with soft and chewy flesh. Low in calories but highly nutritious, it's aroma and flavour starts to become more evident after it is chewed for a while. A popular ingredient, it's sweetness and umami-packed juices makes it easy to pair with almost anything. When cooked, the top part of the clam transitions from pink to red to crimson. Enjoy them sashimi-style, atop sushi rice or grilled as it is!

Origin: Russia
Net Weight: 200-250g each / 4-5 pcs/kg