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Frozen Wild Washington Black Cod Portion

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An excellent source of high-quality protein, Black Cod, also known as Sablefish, are renowned for their white, fatty meat and high omega-3 content. With a rich, buttery flavour and delicate, silky texture, the gourmet fish is highly sought after and practically irresistible.

Thanks to its extraordinarily high-fat content, Black Cod is the perfect fish to cook as it won’t dry out like other fish. 

Origin: USA
Net Weight: Approximately 220g/piece
Packaging: Individually vacuumed packed
Description: Pin bone out, skin on; long-line caught

Ways to cook Black Cod
- Grilled, smoked, steamed, baked, or pan-fried
- Its unique texture and flavour profile is enhanced by Asian cooking techniques, such as soy, ginger, and miso marinades.