single live boston lobster with water splash
live boston lobster cooked
half boston lobster cooked showing lobster meat inside

Live Boston Lobster

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From the lobstermen's traps to your doorstep! Seal in the tender flavours of our Live Boston Lobsters and get the sweetest, freshest-tasting lobster meat available! Known for its abundance of succulent, white meat, live lobsters are firmer and plumper, and their colour, vivid and pure. With just the tiniest hint of saltiness from the sea, you'll be treated to an indulgent and satisfying bite that will transport you to the docks!

Sorted, graded, and specially hand-selected for you, get your Live Boston Lobsters delivered live and kicking to you! 

Origin: USA / Canada
Net Weight: 
• Standard Boston Lobster 500-600g
• Jumbo Boston Lobster 700-800g

Learn more about how we handle and ship our premium grade Live Boston Lobsters to you here.

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