bundle of live scottish razor clams with water splash
live scottish razor clams stacked up showing the bottom meat
steamed scottish razor clams with garlic and chilli padi on its shell served on a metal plate
steamed scottish razor clams with vermicelli on its shell garnished with chilli padi onion and coriander leaves
cooked scottish razor clams served on plate with a glass of white wine

Live Scottish Razor Clams

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Scottish Razor Clams, also known as Bamboo Clams, are long, narrow, saltwater clams packed with sweet-tasting meat. A delicate meat with a wonderful texture, make sure you don’t overcook them as they can become tough quite quickly. Enjoy them grilled, steamed, broiled or pan-fried to release the delicious flavour within, whether served on their own or as part of a seafood medley! 

Origin: Scotland
Net Weight: 10-12pcs/kg


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